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We believe attention to detail is a priority in every aspect of the carpet cleaning process. Our professional and friendly technicians will arrive on time and answer any questions you may have before starting any work. Our advanced equipment and skilled technicians leave your carpets cleaner than you could imagine, while cutting dry time almost in half. For more information on our advanced cleaning process, a detailed description is included below. Book online or call now and B.E. confident that you’ve hired the right professionals.

Industry Leading Equipment

The heat and vacuum capabilities of a truck mounted carpet cleaning machine is greatly dependent on its manufacturer and class. The average carpet cleaning truck mount is an 18-21 Horsepower small engine. Often companies using these lower-class machines will tell you they care capable of producing temperatures of 210 degrees or more. While technically correct, this is misleading, because creating peak temperatures and maintaining them are two different things. With these machines, part way into cleaning one room the temperature will drop to around 100 degrees, because the machine can’t heat the water as fast as it’s being used.

Our top of the line equipment uses a 64 Horsepower Nissan car engine to produce peak temperatures of 250 degrees, and will hold 200-230 degrees indefinitely. Call the other guys for a warm-water cleaning. If you want a Steam Clean, let us show you what the right technicians, chemicals and tools can do when combined with the dirt and bacteria eliminating power of boiling temperatures.

At B. E. Clean Carpet & Tile we believe in honestly and information above all else, and we encourage you to test our claim. Our technicians will happily show you the temperature gauge on our machine so you can see for yourself.

Some Numbers

Carpet manufactures will often warranty carpet for 20 years. For the warranty to be valid the carpet must be annually cleaned. The average life of carpet is only 5-7 years because most people do not properly maintain it. Replacing your flooring is far more expensive than an annual cleaning. If we clean your carpets annually, your carpets will not only last 20 years, but will look good for 20 years.

Our 12 Step Carpet Cleaning Process

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Carpet cleaning is not a one size fits all situation. Every job is different because everyone lives different lives. We are honest and transparent with our billing. Prior to starting work, our technicians will inspect all areas to be cleaned and provide a quote with no surprises. We are so confident that you will be overjoyed with our quality that we do not collect payment until after the job has been completed and inspected by you.

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Light furniture moving is included in our base price. All of our trucks come stocked with two sizes of furniture sliders to make sure we can move even the heaviest furniture.

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If your home is reasonably well kept there is no need for us to vacuum. Our state-of-the-art carpet cleaning equipment will remove dust and debris from both the top of the carpet and deep between the fibers. Rather than charge everyone to vacuum when it is often not needed, we decided to save time - and save you money - by making it optional. However, when carpets have a large amount of loose debris (animal hair being the main culprit) the hair or debris will absorb our pre-spray, stopping it from penetrating between the fibers. We recommend going lightly over your carpet with a vacuum prior to us coming out, or we would be happy to do it for you with one of our Dyson or Oreck high powered vacuums!

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Pre-spray is one of the most important steps in making your carpets spotless. No two jobs are the same, so our technicians carry fifteen different soaps, detergents, and chemicals, ensuring they always have the right supplies for the situation. Additionally, instead of normal pump-up sprayer application, our customers get the cleaning power of a Hydro-Force sprayer!

What makes a Hydro-Force sprayer so much better is that it hooks up to the water lines coming from our truck. This is beneficial for two very important reasons: volume and heat. Our Hydro-Force sprayer uses the high-pressure pump on our truck to apply 4-5 times the amount of pre-treatment as traditional spray bottles. The Hydro-Force sprayer also mixes the pre-treatment with 230-degree water, allowing it to break down dirt and kill bacteria with ease. If you wonder why heat is important, imagine doing dishes with cold water.

Prespray requires dwell time to be effective. Our technicians are never in a hurry. We make sure our prespray sits for a full 10 minutes in every room before we extract it.

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We use special carpet rakes to rake the entire floor before the extraction. This stands the fibers up and brushes the pre-spray down to the backing.

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The basic principle of carpet cleaning is to dilute the dirt and contaminants into your prespray and extraction water. When the water is extracted, it takes the dirt, bacteria, and contaminants along with it.

The hot pre-spray has already broken loose most of the contaminants. Utilizing Industry leading equipment we sanitize and clean your carpets by providing a steady stream of 200-230 degree water, pressurized to 600PSI, that blasts away dirt, dust, and bacteria.

Carpets that we clean dry in THREE HOURS. The industry standard is four hours, and any company with a dry time longer than that probably hasn't cleaned their vacuum filters, reducing suction. When more water is left behind due to a weaker vacuum, the contaminants diluted in the water are left behind too. Our shorter dry times are a result of our more thorough clean.

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Our truck mount super-heats and mixes a very small amount of rinsing agent with the water coming from our cleaning wand. This ensures that all the soap we used as a pre-treatment gets neutralized and removed. The rinse agent also acts as a fabric softener, leaving your carpets so soft that you may give your bed a break and sleep on the floor!

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We’re not satisfied until your carpets are in like-new condition. After our rigorous cleaning process our technicians will inspect every inch of your floor to check for stubborn spots, and will reclean the area if any are found.

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After your carpets are spotless, we bring back out that trusted carpet rake and go over your floor one last time. This raking assists in the drying process by standing the fibers up, which maximizes and evens airflow.

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To protect both your beautiful furniture and newly cleaned carpets, we carry blocks and tabs to raise your furniture off of the damp carpet. You may remove these when the carpet is dry to the touch.

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This is our favorite part. Our technicians take pride in their work. We happily accompany you throughout your home, ensuring that you are delighted with every room.

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We recommend applying 3M Scotchgard protectant to most fiber types. For more information on its benefits, and our unique application process, please click the following link here.

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