What to expect from us

A professional and friendly carpet repair expert will arrive on time with all the tools required to complete the job. With carpet repair there is very little room for error, and even less room for second chances, since every change is permanent. This is why we analyze the entire situation and take all factors into account before starting any repairs. We always measure twice and cut once. Due to our repair experts and carpet cleaning abilities, there is no issue that can't be fixed. All carpet repairs come with a 180-day guarantee. Below is a list and explanation of the repair services we offer.

Carpet Repair Services

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Sometimes stains are permanent; pets dig holes, accidents happen, and carpets get burned. There are extreme situations where no amount of cleaning can remove every issue, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fixed. Our carpet repair experts patch carpet so perfectly you might forget the damage ever happened. To do this we cut out the stain, then we take clean carpeting and cut out the exact same piece as the stain. We attach the new piece into the hole where the damage used to be, and make sure that all fibers are aligned and fluffed before gluing, creating a perfect invisible line.

If you have extra carpeting, we will use that for the clean piece. If you do not have extra carpet we take a piece of carpet from a hidden corner in a closet. We then take the first piece of carpeting and fill the hole in the closet.

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For smaller holes, burns, and stains we offer the cookie cutter. This is a small circle with 4 razor blades that we put into the carpet and spin. The cookie-cutter makes a perfect, uniform cut, quickly allowing invisible patches at a reduced time and cost.

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Poor installation, water damage, or excessive furniture moving can cause wrinkles in your carpet. Once this happens, they get worse over time, evolving from a minor annoyance to a tripping hazard. Our knee kicker, a barbed tool which is driven with the force of a knee kick, moves the carpet with ease. Once we stretch the wrinkle out to a wall or baseboard, we take the extra carpet we stretched and trim it off. We leave just enough carpet to tuck into the baseboard and secure to the tack strip, so you never have the same problem again.

power stretch
When regular stretching isn’t enough, we break out our power stretcher. This 100 pound metal tool comes with a spiked head to grab the carpet. Attached is an adjustable pole reaching up to 14 feet which braces against the baseboard. Also attached to the spiked head is a small handle. Depressing the handle generates force on the spiked head and carpet. The leverage moves the carpet, up to a foot at a time, making quick work of even the largest wrinkles. The power stretcher comes with a one-foot bar so the force is evenly dispersed across your baseboard. To be extra safe we supplement the 1-foot bar by equipping our trucks with a three-foot 2X4 plank, guaranteeing no damage to the baseboard or furniture.

transition repair
Every time carpet meets with another type of flooring; a transition must be installed. Often carpet will start to pull away from its mount, leaving an unsightly hole or exposing dangerous tack strips. Our technicians can repair or replace any type of transition onto any type of subfloor or concrete.

seam repair
Often times poor installation, water damage, or excessive furniture moving can cause the seams where carpet is glued together to come undone. This can result in a frayed spot that will continue to grow until it comes apart across the entire seam. It is important to get seams patched or repaired as soon as possible to avoid increased expense.

For this type of repair, we cut the carpet away from the frayed area, removing all delaminated carpet. This prevents further unravelling. Once the affected area is removed, we perform a patch repair, making your carpet appear seamless again.

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Water damage, penetrating stains, and other factors might cause you to need your pad replaced. Our technicians have the knowledge and skills to replace any type of padding and relay your carpet exactly how we found it.