What to expect from us

Our professional and friendly experts will arrive on time. We offer a few different options to custom fit each job to the situation. After deciding what works best for you and your home, the technician will begin our advanced and proven process explained in detail below. When we are through you will be able to breathe better and sleep better knowing that there are no molds, allergens, contaminants, odors, or dangerous fire hazards hidden above you.

Industry-Leading Equipment

While many air duct cleaning companies simply shove a vacuum hose into the vent and hope for the best, we know that air ducts twist and curve, making that approach ineffective. We have specialty tools and equipment specifically designed for the task. We make sure that the job is done right, guaranteed.

Our 6 Step Duct Cleaning Process

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We thoroughly inspect every job to advise you on the best course of action. Dirt buildup is not the only reason air ducts need cleaned. If you’re concerned about allergens or mold, we can often fog your ducts instead of doing a full cleaning, saving you time and money! Our full cleaning process is described here, if your main concern is mold or allergies you may skip to step4, the fogging treatment.

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All vents are carefully removed, ensuring we do not strip the screw holes in the drywall so they can be replaced properly. The vents are then cleaned and laid out to dry. Vents that are rusted or stained will be repainted.

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Removal of fire hazards is often the main reason for duct cleaning. We use state of the art equipment and expert knowledge to guarantee the duct is clear of dust, pet hair, obstructions, mold, and allergens.

To clean your air ducts we go to each vent individually and cover them with an airtight cover. This cover has two holes that create an airtight seal with our equipment. In the first hole we insert an airline attached to our air compressor. On the tip of the airline in an expertly designed ball covered in tiny holes. This ball is pushed into the air duct, stopping every few feet to blast the duct with high pressure air. The high-pressure air dislodges the dirt, debris, dust, mold, and allergens.

The second hole in the airtight cover is filled with a vacuum hose. The vacuum hose is connected to our industrial strength, truck mounted vacuum. Once our air compressor has freed the debris throughout the airduct, the industrial vacuum pulls it to the filter in our truck.

step 4 picture
After the dirt has been removed, your ducts are ready for the final step. We turn on your AC to circulate air throughout the system. Using a high-tech wet fogger, we break antimicrobial and anti-allergen agents into superfine particles, and disperse them through the duct system. The superfine particles are easily carried throughout your air ducts, ensuring better coverage than traditional application methods provide. For allergy, mold, or odor concerns, this step in itself is often sufficient to fix the issue. Our products are safe for people, infants, and pets.

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Sometimes we have to move furniture and belongings to access your ducts. We move everything back to where we found it. We also take extreme care to replace your now-clean vent covers, without damage to the fragile drywall threading.

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Please provide air filter measurements at the time of scheduling to allow us to replace your current air filter with a quality 3M product.

This service is included at no additional charge.