What to expect from us

Immediate response time. With water damage the longer you wait, the worse it gets. We have a water damage expert on-call 24/7, so if disaster strikes you can have immediate help to protect your property. From the time of receiving your call, it is our policy to be at your house in less than one hour. If water is still leaking from the source it is important that you attempt to shut it off immediately. If you cannot do this at the source, go outside and shut off water flow to your entire house. If you cannot do this on your own, either call us or a licensed plumber to walk you through it before continuing to read! Once the water is no longer flowing, please read a detailed description of our extraction and restoration process below.

Why trust us in your time of need?

We provide great service at a fraction of the cost of our big box competitors. Before starting my own business, my best friend’s mom had a house flood and they called a national restoration company. I was shocked to hear that it took over a week to complete the drying process, and they received a bill well over $10,000. I vowed then to never take advantage of another person’s emergency. We get a majority of floods dry and returned to normal in 48 hours or less, at a fair price.

Our 10 Step Flood Restoration and Water Damage Remediation Process

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Our on-call flood restoration technicians receive the best in training, and we require technicians prove themselves for more than a year with the company before allowing them this responsibility. When you call you can be confident that the technician is on his way before you are even off the phone.

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Our technician will quickly assess the scope of the damage and prioritize their work. Our goal is preventing additional damage to your home and belongings by working efficiently and effectively.

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Whether your carpeting is damp, or you have inches of standing water in your home, our industrial truck mounted vacuum can quickly remove hundreds of gallons of water.

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Dry time is greatly reduced by removing carpet padding when possible. Our technicians will move furniture as necessary, roll the carpet back, and remove the pad underneath. The carpeting is then laid back down in its original spot.

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Protecting your belongings is of the upmost priority. All furniture in the affected area will be moved to a safe place, or placed on Styrofoam blocks. This will protect both the furniture and the flooring.

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Thanks to our proven antimicrobial treatment, your children and pets will be safer after the disaster then before it. Our powerful antimicrobial is lethal to mold, mildew, and bacteria, while remaining completely safe for people and animals.

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After the majority of the water has been extracted and the pad removed, it's time to dry the carpet, subfloor, walls, and baseboards. Our drying equipment is strategically placed for maximum effectiveness.

We use two types of equipment in this process. Our dehumidifiers are capable of removing up to 15 gallons of water a day from the air, walls, and baseboards. Our dehumidifiers help prevent future mold or mildew issues, without the need for cutting ugly holes all around your home. We also utilize high volume air movers. We place them underneath the carpet, then use small nails to tack down the rear and sides of the carpet. Doing this allows us to create an air pocket underneath the carpet and “float” the carpet, drastically reducing dry times. This is how we achieve our remarkable 48 hour or less dry time.

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Our friendly technicians will stop by every day until your home looks as if the flood never happened. They will reassure you of the process and answer any questions you may have, as well as offer insight and advice on how to navigate any insurance claims. On our daily visits, our technicians will treat all affected areas with additional antimicrobial, check progress, and move drying equipment around as needed. Every single day you will have a professional reminder that everything is going to be okay so you can worry less during this stressful time.

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We use a wet fogger to provide total coverage and protection. Surface Tension is the biggest enemy of carpet cleaners. It stops our advanced chemicals from getting where they need to be, when they need to be there. A wet fogger breaks the surface tension of the protector by creating super fine particles, about 20 microns, or 20 millionths of a meter in diameter. These superfine particles penetrate deeper and provide outstanding coverage and protection.

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Lastly, we take our industry leading truck-mounted carpet cleaning machine and steam clean the carpet. This machine is capable of producing a pressurized stream of 200-230degree water. This instantly cleans and sanitizes, making your home look better than ever. We turn tragedy into beauty with our fast and effective water restoration method.

For a detailed description of our carpet steam cleaning process, please follow the link here

Transparency and Payment

Transparency and honesty are incredibly important to us. We never want anyone to feel like they were taken advantage of. Transparency about cost, and who is responsible for that cost, is a top priority. We require a $500 deposit before beginning work. In the event that the final bill is less than $500 the extra will be refunded. We attempt to bill the insurance company directly, and once paid we will return your deposit. If your insurance company has not paid within 30 days following completion of work, the homeowner is responsible for payment in full.

Water extractions are time sensitive, because of this our technicians are trained to go to work immediately. Upon request the technicians will delay their work, and a full estimate will be provided for both extraction and restoration services. We will explain all components of the billing until you are confident that you are aware of your potential cost if your insurance company denies payment