What to expect from us

You can expect furniture you're excited to sit or lay upon! Furniture is often neglected for cleaning, even though it generally gets more wear and use than the flooring. Stain causing and dirt attracting oils collect on your skin and cloths all day. These get transferred to your furniture when you sit. We regularly clean furniture after the homeowner has taken the cases off the cushions and washed them. We have found that our industry leading equipment actually cleans better than two cycles in a standard washing machine. Expect our professional and friendly technicians to arrive on time and make you love your living space like you forgot was possible.

Industry Leading Equipment

Often your furniture sits on top of hardwood or other flooring that you don’t want to get wet. That’s where our state-of-the-art equipment comes into play. To avoid making a mess our high-pressure jet sits inside the vacuum port of our tool, making sure not even a single drop of water gets anywhere except the fabric being cleaned. To clean your furniture, we utilize the power of our industry leading truck mount to pump high pressure 230-degree water into your furniture, cleaning it until spotless.

Our 11 Step Upholstery Process

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Our technicians inspect your furniture prior to cleaning. Inspection will tell us how to best care for your valued belongings.

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Furniture differs largely from one piece to another. After our careful inspection, our knowledgeable technicians make adjustments in temperature, pressure, vacuum strength, and chemicals used to pre-treat and rinse your fabric. This insures your furniture is safe and spotless when we’re finished.

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To prepare the fabric for cleaning, we use our truck mounted vacuum to remove all the dust and debris, allowing our cleaning solution to work on the stuck in oils and soils.

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After the furniture has been inspected and prepared, the technician chooses the correct pre-treatment for the job and sprays every inch of fabric.

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While every effort is taken to reduce overspray, some is inevitable. Our technicians make sure to clean up any overspray immediately!

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The longer our cleaning solution can sit on your fabric the better. Our technicians are never in a hurry. To maximize dwell time and prevent premature drying of the cleaning solution we clean your furniture in sections.

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While every inch of fabric is cleaned, the areas that receive direct contact with your skin are given special attention. The seats, back, and armrests are scrubbed with a horsehair brush, providing gentle and effective agitation.

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Our industry leading equipment creates a self-contained blast of high pressure, super-heated water. Our technicians never rest until every spot is removed. We go above and beyond to clean every inch of fabric. If your couch is up against a wall, we pull it away from the wall and clean the backing. We clean all pillows, and every side of the cushions. We also get the little piece of cloth under the cushions. We know allergens, dirt, and bacteria get everywhere, so we clean everywhere!

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After cleaning, to accelerate dry time, our technicians go over all fabric with the vacuum to remove excess water. Our unique process makes furniture dry and ready for use in 1-3 hours, depending on material.

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This specialized process is explained in depth at the following link here

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We won't leave a job until the customer is not only satisfied, but thrilled! After the clean we always show you our work and have you inspect it for yourself. Although we're confident you won’t find any spots, we guarantee all our products and services, and will reclean anything you request.

Our Process for Leather

For the best care of your leather we do not use our truck mounted equipment. To clean your leather, we hand message the cleaner and conditioner into every inch of your leather until your furniture is softer than ever, and looks new again!