What to expect from us

Anyone who has ever gone outside knows that not all trees are the same, which means not all wood flooring is the same. When coming out to clean your hardwood floors, our professional and friendly technicians will arrive on time. Before starting any work our expert technicians will inspect your flooring, and decide which process and chemicals will best restore it and keep it safe. After the thorough cleaning process, we will do a post inspection with you to ensure you are satisfied with the work performed. As always, we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Why choose us?

We know that hardwood is one of the most expensive and beautiful parts of your home. You can rest assured we’re thorough in every aspect of the job. We use a high-performance equipment and 3M-brand products for every floor. Equipment, materials, and skill are what separate us from the competition.

Our 7 Step Hardwood Floor Cleaning Process

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Just as each tree is unique, each type of hardwood floor requires a thorough understanding of the best approach to cleaning. Before starting any work, our expert technicians will inspect your flooring, and decide which process and chemicals will best restore it and keep it safe.

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Natural texture is what makes hardwood so beautiful. That is also what can make it hard to clean, as tiny pores and crevices give dirt and bacteria countless places to hide. We use purpose-designed cleaners to pre-treat your wood floor and prepare it for cleaning.

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We make sure the material is as clean as humanly possible to ensure the protector doesn’t seal dirt in, or wear off prematurely.

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Next, we switch to a higher grit pad, which will take care of stuck in particles and prepare your floor to shine.

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We then put on a soft microfiber buffer pad and buff your flooring a third time, semi-polishing your wood floor.

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Even with the semi-polishing effect of the 3M microfiber pad, perfectly clean wood floors have a slightly duller look than most people expect. Wood doesn’t have a natural shine, and the coveted gloss look of hardwood flooring is actually caused by applying a layer of finish. The finish makes your floors strikingly beautiful and also protects it for years. Home cleaning will become a breeze, as the protective finish has filled the pores in the wood flooring, blocking dirt from entering them.

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Some floors that have seen more wear may require a second coat of finish. After the first coat has dried we will offer our recommendation. If a second coat is decided upon, we will happily apply it the same day.

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