What to expect from us

We believe attention to detail is a priority in every aspect of the job. Our professional and friendly technicians will arrive on time and answer any questions you may have before starting any work. Often, people think they have tile when they actually have stone floors, or are not sure what type of stone floor they have. Each type of stone is different, and it is extremely important that they are treated accordingly. For example, calcium rich stones such as limestone, travertine, marble, or slate are easily damaged by acidic cleaners. Often DIY cleaners and uninformed professional technicians utilize acids, and could unknowingly damage your flooring. Our first step is to identify your type of floor, and give you a thorough run-down of everything you may need to know. We guarantee that our advanced equipment and knowledgeable technicians will leave your stone perfectly restored. For more information on our advanced cleaning process, a detailed description is included below. Book online or call now and B.E. confident that you’ve hired the right professionals!

Industry-Leading Equipment

The heat and vacuum capabilities of a truck mounted cleaning machine is greatly dependent on its manufacturer and class. The average truck mounted machine is an 18-21 Horsepower small engine. Often companies using these lower-class machines will tell you they are capable of producing temperatures of 210 degrees or more. While technically correct, this is misleading, because creating peak temperatures and maintaining them are two different things. With these machines, part way into cleaning one room the temperature will drop to around 100 degrees, because the machine can’t heat the water as fast as it’s being used.

Our top of the line equipment uses a 64 Horsepower Nissan car engine to produce peak temperatures of 250 degrees, and will hold 200-230 degrees indefinitely. Call the other guys for a warm-water cleaning. If you want a Steam Clean, let us show you what the right technicians, chemicals and tools can do when combined with the dirt and bacteria eliminating power of boiling temperatures.

At B. E. Clean Carpet & Tile we believe in honesty and information above all else, and we encourage you to test our claim. Our technicians will happily show you the temperature gauge on our machine so you can see for yourself.

Proud to be Experts in Restoring and Maintaining

  • Travertine
  • Limestone
  • Flagstone
  • Terra Cotta
  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Sandstone
  • Serpentine
  • Slate
  • Concrete
  • Saltillo Tile
  • Ceramic Tile

Our 8 Step Stone Process

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Every floor is slightly different, and needs to be treated accordingly to perfectly restore them while avoiding damage. With more than ten different types of stone flooring, identifying the type of stone is essential in obtaining the best result. Our knowledgeable technicians have the right techniques to make your stone beautiful.

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We start by sweeping your floors to prepare them to absorb the pre-spray. Our prespray can best clean the pores your grout if the surface has been removed of loose debris.

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Using our industry leading truck mounted machine and a special tool, we apply a cleaning agent that is pressurized and superheated, drastically increasing its effectiveness. To achieve an even more thorough clean, prespray requires dwell time. Our technicians are never in a hurry. We make sure our prespray sits for a full 10 minutes in every room before we extract it.

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One major difference between stone and tile is that with tile floors, only the grout is susceptible to staining. With stone, the entire floor is covered in pores which hold stains and soil. After our cleaning agent has broken down dirt and stains on the surface of the stone, we use a heavy-duty weighted buffer to scrub every inch.

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We use our high-powered truck mounted equipment to safely power wash your tile and grout, removing soil and stains. Our equipment applies a jet of 230-degree water pressurized to 800 PSI. This jet spins at high speeds ensuring total coverage and a complete clean. We contain this blast of water inside of a dome. Attached to the dome is a powerful vacuum which prevents any water from escaping.

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We attach a hand tool to our truck mounted system. This compact tool is able to thoroughly clean under baseboards, directly up against walls, behind toilets, and every other nook or cranny you may have.

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We bring air movers to quickly dry your stone. Stone looks darker when wet, and this illusion can make it appear dirty. We dry your stone quickly so you can be confident your stone has been fully restored at time of service.

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After completion we are excited to show you your beautifully restored flooring. We guarantee and warranty all our work, and won’t rest until you’re satisfied. Our pride in our work, and our commitment our customers, makes us Austin’s leader in stone cleaning and restoration.

Other Natural Stone Services

Professionally sealing your stone is very important. Natural stone’s surface is porous and susceptible to staining. A full explanation of the sealant process and available products can be found here

There are two ways to achieve the mirror like shine that natural stone can have: applying a high gloss sealant, or polishing. We highly recommend polishing to achieve its natural beauty. A detailed description of each method can be found here.

The purpose of grout is to expand, contract, and flex, to protect your tiles from cracking due to changing temperatures and shifting ground. You may find your grout needs repair from either damage or staining. Improperly mixed grout may start to crack or even come loose, while improperly sealed grout may be susceptible to staining. If you need grout removed or replaced for any reason, you have come to the right place! Our color matching experts will get a new grout nearly identical to the original. Whether you just need a good cleaning, or removal and repair, our tile and stone experts wont rest until your floor is perfect.

When the sealant or wax on stone or grout is poorly maintained, or just plain old, it may need stripped off to allow a thorough cleaning. One of the main purposes of sealant is to protect your stone or grout from permanent damage by filling their pores with a protective layer. This protective layer will absorb all the dirt and contaminants so your stone or grout doesn’t. Eventually the sealant will start to break down, or hold enough soil that it starts to make the grout look dirty. When that happens, the old sealant needs to be stripped off to effectively clean the floor. If you or your housekeepers use “mop n glow” on your floors, your floor will need to be stripped. We recommend against this product. The stripping process is very similar to the normal cleaning process found above. The differences between a normal cleaning and stripping are our cleaning chemicals and the agitation process. With our industrial strength stripper specifically designed for the task, and our heavy-duty weighted buffer, equipped with the best 3M stripping pads, old sealant and dirt doesn't stand a chance.

Uneven stone is called lippage. We use 3M Products, advanced technology, and skilled technicians to fix any severity of lippage, or any other problem you may have with your stone.