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As the owner of B. E. Clean Carpet & Tile, employing animal lovers is very important to me. I bring my German Shepherd and Border Collie to every interview to make sure I hire technicians that will fight for urine removal jobs so they can meet your pets. Our professional and friendly technicians will arrive on time. They will pre-inspect your carpet, even pulling it up to check the backing for urine damage. Once the extent of the problem has been assessed, our technicians will recommend the best service to fix the problem in its entirety. We fully guarantee that if any urine odor remains after the recommended service, we will return and re-do the job for free!

Knowledge is Power!

Pet urine causes the trickiest stains and smell to remove from carpet. Despite this, we pride ourselves on our ability to fix even the most severe urine problems. One of our favorite moments is when customers tell us “the last company we used said those stains were permanent,” because removing them is a challenge we love to take on.

An animal's waste contains oils and organic salts which get into the carpet and never fully dry. A urine spot will be detectable with a moisture meter for up to 10 years. Oil and water don’t mix, which means the normal cleaning process and products are relatively ineffective at removing pet stains. The cleaning solution will flow over the oils and won't separate them from the carpet fiber.

Most companies use a peroxide treatment to neutralize urine. Unfortunately, neutralizing urine is not the same as removing it. The urine will remain in the carpet and continue to attract dirt, causing the stain to return over time. As part of our superior process, we pre-treat your carpet with an acidic solution (pH of 1.8 for the chemistry buffs) which liquifies the oils and organic salts, causing them to be water soluble. This allows us to remove up to 95% of the urine. However, 95% isn't good enough for us. We have found an enzyme, safe for people and pets, which we use to treat your carpet after cleaning. This enzyme goes to work immediately, breaking down the organic components of any urine left behind. Your carpets and house will smell fresh again!

Urine Removal Options

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This service is largely the same as our normal carpet cleaning process, which can be found here. The difference between this service and our normal carpet cleaning process is that we use the acid pre-treatment mentioned above, as well as our normal pre-treatment solution. After cleaning and extracting the urine, If there was any odor in addition to the stains, we spray the carpet with an odor eliminating solution. We then clean the carpet a second time in order to be absolutely sure we have removed every bit of urine, dirt and bacteria possible. Finally, we use the enzyme treatment mentioned above to break down any organic compounds that have adhered to your carpet.

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In some cases, the carpet and backing might become so saturated with urine that a topical treatment alone may not be enough. If a full pet treatment is not possible or practical, then we can inject our enzyme treatment through the carpet. We use a hollow needle to inject the enzyme into the backing and pad to destroy odor-causing organic material that has seeped through.

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After performing a surface pet treatment, we pull the carpet back and repeat the entire cleaning process on the backing of the carpet. Once we have completely removed the urine from both sides of the carpet, we soak the pad with our advanced enzyme treatment, which sanitizes it and removes any odors that it holds.

Finally, we stretch and secure the carpet back down to make sure there are no wrinkles. All stretched carpets have a 180-day guarantee - if any ripple comes up, we come back and stretch it out for free!

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This service is only needed for the most extreme situations. If you have urine soaked all the way through the pad and into the subfloor, even the most thorough carpet cleaning won’t fix the problem. The slab or subfloor of your home is porous, allowing it to absorb urine that has penetrated through the padding. In these cases, we bring in a specialized fogger. After removing the urine from the carpet, we cut out the saturated pad and treat the slab. To treat the slab, our fogger breaks our urine eliminating chemicals down into particles as small as one millionth of a meter. The pores in the subfloor are tiny. Without the use of a fogger, the treatment solution will bead up on the surface of the slab and leave the urine in the pores. Our fogger allows microscopic particles of treatment solution to completely disperse into the subfloor and neutralize even the deepest organic compounds. After treating the slab, we install brand new padding. Lastly, we reinstall the carpet and stretch it to ensure no wrinkles come up over time. All stretched carpets have a 180-day guarantee - if any ripple comes up, we come back and stretch it out for free!

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