What to expect from us

A professional and friendly technician will arrive on time to inspect your house exterior, driveway or deck. Our well-trained technicians know that not all materials are the same. After inspection, we adjust cleaning pressure and temperature to the correct level, keeping your home and property safe. After a quick walk through with the technician, we are able to complete the process independently. We understand how busy everyone life can get, so we strive to hold you up as little as possible. After your house exterior, driveway, or deck has been thoroughly cleaned by our proven process, you can sit back and enjoy having the noticeably cleanest house on the block.

Pressure vs. Power

I’m sure you have heard both the terms "pressure washing" and "power washing." While most people assume they are the same, there is a subtle but important difference between the two. Pressure washing uses super high-pressure water (about 3600 PSI in our case) to remove mold, dirt, and everything else nature has to offer. Power washing, on the other hand, uses heated water at a much lower pressure to clean and sanitize. While pressure washing is generally more effective at stuck on mold and a dirt, it can be harmful to semi fragile materials such as wood, paint, or certain driveway types.

Not only are we capable of complete restoration via pressure washing, we can also use our industry leading truck-mounted cleaning machines to power wash the more sensitive materials. This machine is capable of providing a constant stream of 1,000 PSI water heated to 200-230 degrees, making quick work of everything that stands in our way. Only with us do you get the option of both methods of cleaning, and a technician that knows which will get the best results!

Our Process

Before starting work our technician will walk the entire job with you. We examine the material type carefully to assess whether pressure or power washing is the better option for your situation.

Once the appropriate method has been selected the technician applies an environmentally friendly cleaning agent.

After a few minutes the pre spray is agitated with a deck brush, working the cleaning agent into a nice foam.

Once the cleaning agent has prepared the dirt, grime, mold, or organic matter for removal, and selecting the best cleaning method, we break out the heavy equipment. To pressure wash we use a Honda 3600 PSI gas pressure washer with a purpose designed surface cleaner attachment. To power wash we use our industry leading truck-mounted cleaning machine to produce a lower pressure stream at 1000PSI that we are able to then superheat to boiling temperatures. Having these two great options makes sure that your home is noticeably the cleanest in the neighborhood. Attention to detail is key. We clean every crack, spot, corner and everywhere else dirt can hide.

Upon completion the technician will walk the job with you to make sure you are 100% satisfied. We guarantee every service that we perform because customer satisfaction is our number one mission.