What to expect from us

Whether you would like us to clean your area rug in your home, or pick it up and clean it at our purpose designed rug cleaning facility, our professional, knowledgeable, and friendly technicians will restore your rug and remove years of dirt and buildup.

Leave it to the Experts

We know that rugs are expensive, important, and often fragile. Rug cleaning should be done by experts, because unlike carpets, many chemicals and tools can easily cause permanent damage by undoing the handmade weave, ripping off the frills at the end, or making the dye run, ruining the beautiful design. We pride ourselves in having the right equipment, chemicals, and knowledge to safely clean and thoroughly service your area rugs regardless of the fiber type or style.

Our Processes

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Not all rugs are fragile; some rugs are even tougher than carpet. For example, even though all wool rugs require specialized chemicals, not all wool rugs are equally fragile. For rugs that can safely be cleaned inside your home, we offer a service somewhat similar to our normal 12-step carpet cleaning process found here(here-insert link). The main difference between area rug and carpet cleaning is that we use specialized chemicals on your area rugs, depending on their fiber type. Additionally, instead of using a carpet rake to brush in the pre-spray, we use a horsehair brush to ensure the entire rug is carefully and sufficiently scrubbed. We then extract the pre-spray with 150-230 degree water. Our advanced equipment can tailor the temperature to your fiber type, while simultaneously treating your rug with a dye strengthener and fabric softener. This makes your area rug look and feel better than ever, while protecting against dye bleeding or running.

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There are many reasons you may want to use our take-away rug cleaning service. This is a convenient service designed for rugs with severe stains or odor, or simply to avoid the odor of wet wool as it’s being cleaned. Wool smells awful when wet because sheep have an oil in their fleece called lanolin. Lanolin is very similar to the oil in dog fur that causes the characteristic “wet dog” smell. However, this service isn’t just for wool; we’re equipped to clean even the most expensive and fragile rugs made from any material. For most rugs and fibers this means starting by completely submerging the rug in a dye-safe cleaner and allowing it to soak until the dirt has loosened up. We then carefully scrub both sides to break loose and remove the dirt and bacteria. Next, we extract the cleaning solution using clean water. We repeat the process until the rug is fully restored and chemical free. This process allows us to safely clean any area rug as many times as necessary until it’s as good as new, regardless of level of wear.