What to expect from us

Our professional and friendly technicians will arrive on time. We will expertly apply the world’s leading water proofing and stain resistant product. After completing our advanced process, which we explain in detail below, you'll be excited to experience how much easier maintenance cleanings become!

Why do we use 3M?

Our entire business is based around the fact that no one can beat our quality, and we guarantee every products and service we offer. We don’t have unhappy customers, because we actually care about them, and surpassing expectations is our main motivation on and off the clock. 3M has long been a leader in every industry, providing the highest quality products time and time again. When you only accept perfection, you only use 3M.

Our 5 Step ScotchGuard Process

step 1 picture
We measure the area to assure that we use the exact right amount of protector.

step 1 picture
We prepare the area by removing anything that would be damaged by residual protector. If the item to be protected is on hardwood, we more the item to another location.

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We make sure the material is as clean as humanly possible to ensure the protector doesn’t seal dirt in, or wear off prematurely.

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We use a wet fogger to provide total coverage and protection. Surface Tension is the biggest enemy of carpet cleaners. It stops our advanced chemicals from getting where they need to be, when they need to be there. A wet fogger breaks the surface tension of the protector by creating super fine particles, about 20 microns, or 20 millionths of a meter in diameter. These superfine particles penetrate deeper and provide outstanding coverage and protection.

step 1 picture
To complete the process we take a carpet rake or horsehair brush, and brush or rake the 3M Scotchgard into the material. This ensures complete, lasting, and professional protection.

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5 Months Application

6 Months Application