What to expect from us

If you call around, I promise that if you ask about sealing tile, most companies will offer a single service. This misleads people into believing that sealant is a simple process. Sealant is far from one size fits all, which is why we offer six sealing options for grout alone, with more for concrete, natural stone, and hardwood. We are sick and tired of seeing people have “professionals” do expensive damage to their beautiful floors. We take the time to explain the pros and cons of all available options. Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. We stand by our sealant products and application method, offering up to a 10-year perfect-flooring guarantee. Your sealed floor will still need to be professionally cleaned on occasion. Sealing your floor will reduce both the time and effort required for cleaning by yourself and our technicians. We offer substantial cleaning discounts to those with sealed floors. Continue reading below to learn everything you need to know about sealant, or our technicians will be happy to explain everything at your appointment before suggesting which option would be perfect for you.

About Sealant

It is very important to never use an acidic mop solution or cleaner on a sealed floor! If you have housekeepers, make sure to verify the pH of the cleaner they use. Feel free to contact us if you have questions.

Tile, natural stone, and concrete must be thoroughly cleaned before sealing. If dirt, soil, or stains remains prior to sealing you will seal it in making it permanent. You can check out our tile and natural stone cleaning processes for a step-by-step explanation.

There are two main benefits of sealing natural stone, grout, and concrete. The first is to reduce the time and frequency of cleanings. A floor with sealant cleans up much better than one without sealant. With a sealed floor you will be able to mop less frequently while achieving better results. Professional cleaning will be required less often.

The second benefit of sealant is to protect your flooring from permanent damage. Grout, natural stone, and concrete are porous, and it is possible to stain them permanently. Sealant fills pores and creates a barrier, which stops foreign substances from staining your grout, stone and concrete.

There are two main types of sealant: oil-based and water-based. The differences, which we explain below, are major. Our technicians will help you choose which one is right for your floor and lifestyle. Most companies only offer one coat of a water-based sealant. We offer one and two coat applications for both types of sealant. We will explain the pros and cons, so you can decide which sealant option is best for you.

A water-based sealant is easier to apply and less likely to leave a residue. Reduced labor, reduced risk, and lower material costs result in a cheaper option for customers. We use a long-lasting, top of the line, water-based sealant. It does have some drawbacks. Most spills and cleaners are water-based, and over time will slowly break down even the strongest water-based sealant. Water has a high surface tension, which is both a benefit and a drawback. The high surface tension forces the sealant to rest on top of the grout or stone rather than soaking down into the pores. While this is usually not as effective as a sealant that absorbs into the pores, we typically recommend a water-based product for customers who only want one coat, since it creates that protective barrier on top of the floor with just one application.

An oil-based sealant requires expert application and provides master protection. No other product outlasts or out-performs our top-tier, oil-based sealant. Oil has a lower surface tension than water, allowing it to penetrate deeper, and create a thicker and more effective seal. For most floors, one coat of our oil-based sealant is often sufficient. For super porous floors, however, one coat of the oil-based sealant would quickly be absorbed into the pores of the stone or grout. A second coat forms a barrier on top, creating a far more effective seal. This double layer of protection, both inside and on top of the pores, gives our oil-based sealant a much longer life and increased level of protection over other sealants.

Additionally, on a molecular level, an oil-based sealant will be more “slippery” in a sense. It is naturally hydrophobic (water repellant) so your normal cleaning routine will be even more effective.

Flooring of any type must be completely dry before applying sealant. Also, a first coat of sealant must fully dry before applying a second coat. We bring industrial air movers to every job to ensure rapid dry time so we can work as efficiently as possible. However, an oil-based sealant must dry naturally to bond correctly to the floor. If you want two coats of oil-based sealant, we will return to apply the second coat within 96 hours.

Our expert technicians will carefully walk you through what this all means for your flooring type. Every home is different, and we will explain in detail the pros and cons of every option as they relate to your specific floor.

Color Seal

Color sealant is a water-based sealant that provides an aesthetic component while providing the same level of protection as a standard seal. While we generally do not recommend a colored sealant, in two specific situations it can be your best option.

#1. Color seal has a high-quality acrylic paint dissolved into the water-based sealant. If your floor has not been maintained, and has permanent damage from stains or years of build up, a color seal can return it to uniformity and perfection by “painting over” the damage.

#2. Due to the customizable nature of color sealant, we can provide any color you would like. Whether purple grout makes you happy, or if you simply prefer a different shade of the color you have now, let us know and we can provide whichever color your heart desires.

It is far more important to get two coats of color seal than with either of our other two sealant options. This is to ensure the color is uniform and the old grout doesn’t show through. Additionally, annual cleaning is essential to get the maximum protection and expected lifespan from your color seal. If two coats are properly applied and cleaned annually, you will have perfectly painted grout for 7 years or more, guaranteed.