What to expect from us

Our professional and friendly technicians will arrive on time and inspect your flooring before beginning work. Polishing can give your stone many different appearances. We will talk to you to get an exact picture of the end result you have in mind. Our experts will create a plan to best achieve your goals for your particular flooring. We go over the plan in detail so that everyone is clear on the process and what the end result will be. We will then begin the beautiful transformation.

Choosing a Finish

Polishing is not the only way to achieve a reflective finish. A high-gloss coating can be used to mimic this effect. We often recommend against a high gloss coating. While the initial process is less expensive than traditional polishing, it requires far greater maintenance costs.

Our 7 Step Diamond Grind Natural Polish Process

Different types of stone require different treatment to avoid disastrous consequences. Our Natural Stone experts will inspect your flooring to determine its type, and work with you to decide the best course of action.

Before polishing, your natural stone must be prepared by a thorough cleaning. This cleaning is equally as important as the rest of the polishing process. A detailed description of our cleaning process can be found here

We use a heavy-duty weighted buffer equipped with 3M diamond-infused grinding pads to get rid of any lippage, scratches, or other unwanted imperfections.

We then apply 3M polishing powder, and use 3M diamond-infused buffing pads with a much higher grit, to make the floor really start to shine.

At this point your floor will look so good that many people stop here. If a higher gloss finish was requested, we will select the correct 3M diamond-infused polishing pads needed to achieve the exact level of shine desired.

We highly recommend sealing and protecting your newly polished stone floor. A complete description of options available can be found here

Sit back and enjoy the most beautiful flooring imaginable. Polished stone floors are extremely sought after due to their beauty and rarity. If properly maintained and sealed, a polished natural stone floor will stay beautiful for 10-20 years, making the rigorous polishing process a great investment.